VVC-U of Iowa-4842

GeCKO human library Pool B in lentiCRISPRv2

  • $350.00

Lentiviral expression vector for CRISPR*-mediated human genome editing. Pool B contains 3 sgRNAs targeting each gene in the genome, as well as 1000 non-targeting control sgRNAs. *Additional royalty fees apply to this technology. Reference: Sanjana, N.E., Shalem, O., and Zhang, F. Improved vectors and genome-wide libraries for CRISPR screening. Nat Methods. 2014 August ; 11(8): 783Ð784. MTA required with Salk Institute for first time external customers. Please contact us at vectors@uiowa.edu for information on initiating the agreement.

*These listed prices are per aliquot for non-profit customers only, additional fees may apply.